NumberReport TitleTopic
2021-02COVID Series: Background Information (February 2021)Government Operations
2021-01Improved Management of Mobile Devices and Services Could Save the State At Least $1–2 Million Annually (February 2021)Government Operations
2020-14Follow-up Report: Educator Preparation Programs (December 2020)Education
2020-132020 Legislation Enacted Based on PED Reports (December 2020)
2020-12Better Coordination with Nonprofit Volunteer Organizations During Preparedness Can Improve Disaster Recovery (December 2020)Government Operations
2020-11Step Pay Plans Offer Remedy to Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice Staffing Challenges (November 2020)Criminal and Juvenile Justice
2020-10Options for Reorganizing the Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice (November 2020)Criminal and Juvenile Justice
2020-09Lack of a Dedicated State-Level Effort Challenges North Carolina’s Capacity to Increase Teacher Diversity (November 2020)Education
2020-08Department of Transportation and Council of Internal Auditing Did Not Ensure DOT Compliance with Internal Audit Act (August 2020)Transportation
2020-07North Carolina Housing Finance Agency Can Improve the Effectiveness of Its Rental Development Programs (June 2020)Government Operations
2020-06General Assembly Should Improve Oversight of Housing Finance Agency Funds and Expenditures (June 2020)Government Operations
2020-05North Carolina Housing Finance Agency Should Improve Performance Management and Reexamine How It Distributes Resources to Localities (June 2020)Government Operations
2020-04NC FAST Child Welfare Case Management Software Demonstrates Adequate Functionality but Poor Usability (June 2020)Health and Human Services
2020-03Conveying Historic Stonewall Jackson Campus to Cabarrus County and Selling Adjacent Surplus Property Would Ensure Preservation and Be State Revenue Neutral (April 2020)Criminal and Juvenile Justice
2020-02Compromise Process for Resolving ABC Administrative Violations Lacks Policies and Procedures, Rationale, and Transparency, Resulting in Disproportionate Penalties (March 2020)Government Operations
2020-01Opportunities Exist to Further Ease Burdens on Military-Trained Applicants and Military Spouses in Obtaining Occupational Licensure (February 2020)Government Operations
2019-112019 Legislation Enacted Based on PED Reports (December 2019)
2019-10Child Protective Services Intake Screening Lacks Consistency (November 2019)Health and Human Services
2019-09DEQ Working to Improve Organizational Structure and Permit Processes, But Targeted Adjustments and a Permit Performance Management System Are Still Needed (November 2019) Environment and Natural Resources
2019-08Improvements Needed to Gauge Effectiveness and Expend State Funds Available for Postsecondary Financial Aid (October 2019)Education
2019-07Evaluation of Efficiency and Effectiveness of State Ports at Wilmington and Morehead City (October 2019)Economic Development and Labor
Follow-Up Memo on Disaster Recovery Funds Administered by the Department of Public Safety (June 2019)Government Operations
Recommendations for a 340B Correctional Partnership in North Carolina (May 2019)Criminal and Juvenile Justice
2019-06North Carolina Should Focus on Early Childhood Learning in Order to Raise Achievement in Predominantly Disadvantaged School Districts (May 2019)Education
2019-05Administrative Missteps and Lack of Expertise Led to Delays and $3.7 Million in Unnecessary State Spending for Hurricane Matthew Recovery (May 2019)Government Operations
2019-04Stream Restoration Projects Receive Duplicative State Funding and Inadequate Performance Management (March 2019)Environment and Natural Resources
2019-03Changing How North Carolina Controls Liquor Sales Has Operational, Regulatory, and Financial Ramifications (February 2019)Government Operations
2019-02Opportunities Exist to Improve the Erosion and Sedimentation Control Program and Recover $1.7 Million in Annual Costs (January 2019)Environment and Natural Resources
2019-01Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina Should Increase Private Funding and Improve Formal Coordination with Department of Commerce (January 2019)Economic Development and Labor
2018-132018 Legislation Enacted Based on PED Reports (December 2018)
2018-12Minimal Evidence Found of Service Duplication for Students with Disabilities in Schools and Communities (December 2018)Health and Human Services
Digest: Four Program Evaluation Division Reports on Efficiency and Economy of Inmate Healthcare Services (October 2018)Criminal and Juvenile Justice
2018-11Modifying Criteria for North Carolina’s Medical Release Program Could Reduce Costs of Inmate Healthcare (October 2018)Criminal and Juvenile Justice
2018-10Inadequate Data Collection and Cost Recovery Practices Limit Economy of Healthcare for Safekeepers (October 2018)Criminal and Juvenile Justice
2018-09Modifications to Inmate Pharmacy Purchasing and Monitoring Could Save $13.4 Million Annually (October 2018)Criminal and Juvenile Justice
2018-08Improvements to Inmate Healthcare Reimbursement and Internal Processes Could Save $5.6 Million Annually (October 2018)Criminal and Juvenile Justice
2018-07Capital Security Report (June 2018) (In accordance with Session Law 2017-57, material provided in this report is not public record)Government Operations
2018-06Opportunities Exist to Enhance the Effectiveness of the Educator Preparation Program Data Reporting System (June 2018)Education
2018-05Follow-up Report: Implementation of PED Recommendations Has Improved Local ABC Board Profitability and Operational Efficiency (May 2018)Government Operations
2018-04Opportunities Exist to Improve the Efficiency of the State’s Administrative Services (April 2018)Government Operations
2018-03Cooperative Agreement for Transforming Principal Preparation Program Needs Output and Outcome Data (April 2018)Education
2018-02VIPER and FirstNet are Vital for Public Safety Interoperability, but VIPER Requires Upgrades (April 2018)Government Operations
2018-01The System of Attorney Allocation in North Carolina State Government is Decentralized (April 2018)Government Operations
2017-11Follow-up Report: State Property (December 2017)Government Operations
2017-10Follow-up Report: State Attractions (November 2017)Cultural Affairs
2017-09Reducing Off-Season Crossings, Adjusting Fares, and Using Partnerships Can Improve Ferry Division Efficiency (October 2017)Transportation
2017-08Follow-up Report: Use of Personal Services Contracts (September 2017)Government Operations
2017-072017 Legislation Enacted Based on PED Reports (August 2017)
2017-06Follow-up Report: Prescription Drug Monitoring (June 2017)Health and Human Services
2017-05Local Education Funding Dispute Resolution Process Is Effective and Economical, but Litigation Could Be Eliminated (May 2017)Education
2017-04Meeting Current Standards for School Nurses Statewide May Cost Up to $79 Million Annually (May 2017)Education
2017-03Options Exist for Increasing Lottery Proceeds for Education (May 2017)Cultural Affairs
Public School Construction Needs Survey and Recommendations for Funding Options for Selected Districts (May 2017)Education
2017-02Follow-up Report: Child Support Services (February 2017)Health and Human Services
2017-01No Modification to North Carolina’s School Calendar Law Satisfies Multiple Competing Interests (February 2017)Education
2016-12Most Departments’ Spans of Control and Number of Organizational Layers Do Not Meet Recommended Levels (December 2016)Government Operations
2016-11Allotment-Specific and System-Level Issues Adversely Affect North Carolina’s Distribution of K-12 Resources (November 2016)Education
2016-10Medicaid Program Integrity Section is Not Cost-Effectively Identifying and Preventing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (November 2016)Health and Human Services
2016-09Funding for North Carolina’s Community Colleges: A Description of the Current Formula and Potential Methods to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness (October 2016)Education
2016-082016 Legislation Enacted Based on PED Reports (August 2016)
2016-07Special Report: Common PED Findings and Recommendations (August 2016)
2016-06Follow-up Report: Volunteer Fire and Rescue Finances (May 2016)Intergovernmental and Community Affairs
2016-05PED’s Review of the North Carolina Guaranteed Admissions Program (NCGAP) Report (April 2016)Education
2016-04Timeliness of Medicaid Eligibility Determinations Declined Due to Challenges Imposed by NC FAST and Affordable Care Act Implementation (April 2016)Health and Human Services
2016-03Opportunities Exist to Increase the Accountability and Independence of the Board of Review (March 2016)Economic Development and Labor
2016-02Follow-up Report: State Attractions (February 2016)Cultural Affairs
2016-01Enhanced Oversight of Service Contracts Can Help Ensure Cost-Effective Performance (January 2016)Government Operations
2015-11North Carolina Should Discontinue the Economic Development Tiers System and Reexamine Strategies to Assist Communities with Chronic Economic Distress (December 2015)Economic Development and Labor
2015-102015 Legislation Enacted Based on PED Reports (October 2015)
2015-09Follow-Up Report: More Accurate State Vehicle Utilization and Cost Data Needed: RFP Issued by DOA for Fleet Management Vendor Includes Integration of Telematics (October 2015)Transportation
2015-08Follow-up Report: Global TransPark Authority (October 2015)Transportation
2015-07North Carolina Should Centralize Management of State Employee Supplemental Insurance Benefits (August 2015)Government Operations
2015-06Follow-up Report: North Carolina Railroad Company (August 2015)Transportation
2015-05Unfunded Actuarial Liability for Retiree Health is Large, but State Could Save Up to $64 Million Annually by Shifting Costs to Medicare Advantage Plans (July 2015)Government Operations
2015-04North Carolina Should Dispose of Unneeded Real Property and Improve Portfolio Management to Reduce Costs (June 2015)Government Operations
2015-03North Carolina Should Eliminate the Use of Personal Services Contracts in Favor of Using Existing Mechanisms (February 2015)Government Operations
2015-02Implications of Funding Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment or Prevention with Alcohol Tax Earmark (February 2015)Health and Human Services
2015-01Licensing Processing Fees Are Inequitable; Permit DOI Vendor to Charge Different Processing Fees Based on Effort and Cost (January 2015)Consumer Protection and Insurance
2014-15Occupational Licensing Agencies Should Not be Centralized, but Stronger Oversight is Needed (December 2014)Economic Development and Labor
2014-14DHHS Should Integrate State Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities into the Community-Based System and Improve Performance Management (Nov 2014)Health and Human Services
2014-13Follow-up Report: Permanent License Plates (November 2014)Transportation
2014-12Follow-up Report: Indian Cultural Center (October 2014)Cultural Affairs
2014-11Overnight Respite Pilot at Adult Day Care Facilities Perceived as Favorable, but Lacked Objective Measures of Success (October 2014)Health and Human Services
2014-10North Carolina Needs a Coordinated Strategy to Guide the Changing Landscape of Veterans Programs (September 2014)Intergovernmental and Community Affairs
2014-09Follow-up Report: Social Services Administration (August 2014)Health and Human Services
2014-08Revising State Child Support Incentive System Could Promote Improved Performance of County Programs (July 2014)Health and Human Services
2014-07Follow-up Report: Workforce Development System (June 2014)Economic Development and Labor
2014-06Improved Oversight of Volunteer Fire Department Fund and Volunteer Rescue/EMS Fund Needed; $8 Million Surplus Found (April 2014)Intergovernmental and Community Affairs
2014-05North Carolina Needs to Strengthen Its System for Monitoring and Preventing the Abuse of Prescribed Controlled Substances (April 2014)Health and Human Services
2014-04Improved Administrative Program Monitoring by the Department of Public Instruction Can Save Over $19 Million Annually (April 2014)Education
2014-03Department of State Treasurer Should Strengthen Its Oversight of the Firefighters’ and Rescue Squad Workers’ Pension Fund (March 2014)Intergovernmental and Community Affairs
2014-02Performance Measurement and Monitoring Would Strengthen Accountability of North Carolina’s Driver Education Program (March 2014)Education
2014-01Revenue and Cost Trends Indicate Deficit in Volunteer Safety Workers’ Compensation Fund in FY 2020–21 (February 2014)Intergovernmental and Community Affairs
2013-08The UNC System Needs a More Comprehensive Approach and Metrics for Operational Efficiency (December 2013)Education
2013-072013 Legislation Enacted Based on PED Reports (November 2013)
2013-06Local Boards and Associations Administer Firefighters’ and Rescue Squad Workers’ Relief Funds with Limited State Oversight (November 2013)Intergovernmental and Community Affairs
2013-05Overview of School Choice Options Provided by Colorado’s Douglas County School District (October 2013)Education
2013-04Centralized Fleet Operations Will Improve Management and Oversight of Department of Public Safety Vehicles (April 2013)Criminal and Juvenile Justice
2013-03Options for Creating a Separate Department of Medicaid Require Transition Planning (March 2013)Health and Human Services
2013-02North Carolina Does Not Track Lands Submerged Under Navigable Rivers or Know the Extent of Private Claims (January 2013)Environment and Natural Resources
2013-01The Division of Public Health Should Remain in the Department of Health and Human Services. (January 2013)Health and Human Services
2012-13Options for the Indian Cultural Center Will Allow the Site to Meet its Cultural, Recreational, and Economic Development Intent (December 2012)Cultural Affairs
2012-12Stronger Reporting and Management Structure Would Improve State Bureau of Investigation Vehicle Oversight (November 2012)Criminal and Juvenile Justice
2012-11Merger of the Human Relations Commission with the Civil Rights Division Would Yield Limited Cost Savings (October 2012)Consumer Protection and Insurance
2012-10North Carolina Should Require NC Railroad Company to Pay an Annual Dividend and Strengthen Reporting (October 2012)Transportation
2012-09Review of the Feasibility Study for Coordinating Operations of the North Carolina Research and Education Network and the State Network Infrastructure (July 2012)Information Technology
2012-08Key Ideas from Five Program Evaluation Division Reports on State-Owned Vehicles and Permanent License Plates (June 2012)Transportation
2011-07-02Follow-up Report: Reviewing Eligibility for Permanent License Plates Would Strengthen State Oversight (May 2012)Transportation
2012-07Contract Agency Vehicle Registration and Titling Services Are Cost Efficient, but Contracts Need Performance Terms (April 2012)Transportation
2012-06Ineffective Policies and Diffuse Oversight Result in Inefficient Use of State-Owned Vehicles (April 2012)Transportation
2012-05A Three-Year Emissions Inspection Exemption Would Save North Carolina Motorists $9.6 Million (March 2012)Transportation
2012-04State and Local Improvements Needed for Workforce Development System Integration and Accountability (March 2012)Economic Development and Labor
2012-03Further Reductions to Aviation Programs Are Possible and an Aviation Management Authority is Needed (March 2012)Transportation
2012-02Motor Fleet Management Uses Best Practices, but Needs Telematics to Strengthen Accountability (March 2012)Transportation
2012-01Operational Changes for State Attractions Could Yield $2 Million Annually and Reduce Reliance on the State (February 2012)Cultural Affairs
2011-07-01Follow-up Analysis of Permanent License Plates Owned by State and Non-State Entities (February 2012)Transportation
2011-07Inadequate Data and Fleet Information Management Weaken Accountability for North Carolina’s Vehicles (December 2011)Transportation
2011-06Child Nutrition Programs Challenged to Meet Nutrition Standards, Maintain Participation, and Remain Solvent (October 2011)Education
2011-05Compared to Other States’ Retirement Plans, TSERS is Well Funded and Its Plan Features Are Typical or Less Generous (September 2011)Government Operations
2011-04Purchasing Consortiums and Merging Community Colleges Could Save $26.2 Million Over Seven Years (June 2011)Education
2011-03Statutory Changes Will Promote County Flexibility in Social Services Administration (May 2011)Health and Human Services
2011-02North Carolina Should Weigh Continued Investment in the Global TransPark Authority and Consider How to Repay the Escheat Fund Loan (April 2011)Transportation
2011-01Programs for Children, Youth, and Families Need Guiding Framework for Accountability and Funding (February 2011)Intergovernmental and Community Affairs
2010-05UNC Enrollment Change Funding Formula Needs Documentation and a Performance Component (November 2010)Education
2010-04-01Follow-Up Analysis of 25 Underutilized State Aircraft Confirmed Inefficiency and Potential Cost Savings (May 2010)Transportation
2010-04Selling 25 Underutilized Aircraft May Yield Up to $8.1 Million and Save $1.5 Million Annually (April 2010)Transportation
2010-03University Distance Courses Cost More to Develop Overall but the Same to Deliver as On-Campus Courses (April 2010)Education
2010-02Feasibility of Restructuring Budget and Financial Management of North Carolina State Government (April 2010)Government Operations
2010-01High School Graduation Project Requirement Should Remain a Local School District Decision (April 2010)Education
2009-04Special Report: Department of Environment and Natural Resources Wetland Mitigation Credit Determinations (December 2009)Environment and Natural Resources
2009-03Eliminating the Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Backlog Will Require at Least $549 Million (November 2009)Environment and Natural Resources
2009-02Accountability Gaps Limit State Oversight of $694 Million in Grants to Non-Profit Organizations (November 2009)Government Operations
2009-07-01Enhanced Services Package Implementation: Costs, Administrative Decision Making, and Agency Leadership (July 2009)Health and Human Services
A Study of Structure and Organization of the State Board of Education, State Superintendent of Instruction and Department of Public InstructionSubmitted by Evergreen Solutions, LLC (January 2009)Education
2008-12-07North Carolina’s Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Funding Lacks Strategic Focus and Coordination (January 2009)Environment and Natural Resources
2008-12-06Doubtful Return on the Public’s $141 Million Investment in Poorly Managed Vehicle Inspection Programs (December 2008)Transportation
2008-12-05Controlling the Cost of Medicaid Private Duty Nursing Services (December 2008)Health and Human Services
2008-12-04Caring for Previously Hospitalized Consumers: Progress and Challenges in Mental Health System Reform (December 2008)Health and Human Services
2008-12-02Project Management Lapses and Planning Failures Delayed Court Technology Improvements (December 2008)Information Technology
2008-12-01North Carolina’s Alcohol Beverage Control System Is Outdated and Needs Modernization (December 2008)Government Operations
2008-05-03Compromised Controls and Pace of Change Hampered Implementation of Enhanced Mental Health Services (July 2008)Health and Human Services
2008-05-02Improving Regional Economic Development through Structural Changes and Performance Measurement Incentives (May 2008)Economic Development and Labor
2008-05-01Consolidating Agricultural Research Facility Management Would Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness (May 2008)Agriculture
North Carolina Government Performance Audit II – Review of State Personnel Practices and Career Banding Submitted by Fox Lawson & Associates, LLC (January 2008)Government Operations
North Carolina Government Performance Audit II – Establishing an Internal Audit Program in North Carolina’s State AgenciesSubmitted by MGT of America, Inc. (May 2007)Government Operations