North Carolina’s Alcohol Beverage Control System Is Outdated and Needs Modernization (December 2008)

North Carolina’s Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) system is outdated because it has not kept pace with demographic and economic changes, and state statutes limit effective management of the system. The mission of local ABC boards is not clearly defined, and some boards use the lack of a clear mission to justify ineffective and inefficient store operations. North Carolina also regulates the sale of liquor differently than other states. The current ABC system can be modernized by defining the mission of local boards, providing management tools for better oversight of local boards, and modifying outdated statutes.

Final Report

Executive Summary



Relevant Legislation:

  • S.L. 2010-122: Modernized the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control System, ensured the integrity of the three-tier system, required minimum age standards for law enforcement, and required that the City of Kannapolis, the City of Salisbury, and Rowan County have equal representation on the Rowan/Kannapolis ABC Board.