Project Management Lapses and Planning Failures Delayed Court Technology Improvements (December 2008)

The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) has six information technology projects under development with total expenditures of over $18 million. Management shortcomings have delayed projects, frustrating court personnel and other stakeholders in need of the technology. The evaluation recommends greater involvement of the Judicial Council to set priorities for technology projects and to involve users in project development. The AOC should report bi-annually to the General Assembly’s Information Oversight Committee and consult with the State Office of Information Technology Services on future projects.

Final Report

Executive Summary



Subsequent Agency Actions:

  • AOC has taken various steps in formalizing its project initiation process, project management procedures, and system development methodology to create business-driven and timely system enhancements. AOC completed the rollout of NCAWARE in all 100 counties in February 2014. Other high impact projects have been completed either ahead of or on schedule, including the development and implementation of a major upgrade to its Criminal Court Information System – Clerk’s Component. The AOC Chief Information Officer is a regular attendee of the State CIO’s monthly agency CIO meeting and is a member of the NC Government Chief Information Officer Council. These forums provide opportunities to share information concerning technology projects, standards, and methodologies.