Ineffective Policies and Diffuse Oversight Result in Inefficient Use of State-Owned Vehicles (April 2012)

North Carolina agencies and institutions that own 200 or more vehicles have not fully implemented fleet management best practices. Weak and diffuse oversight results in inefficient use of vehicles because no single entity is responsible for ensuring appropriate and efficient use of state-owned vehicles. This lack of statewide oversight limits accountability for state-owned vehicle use. Other states with state fleet management offices demonstrate that centralized supervision of state-owned vehicles improves accountability and operational efficiency. The General Assembly should strengthen supervision of all state-owned vehicles by establishing the Division of State Fleet Management in the Department of Administration to manage passenger vehicles, supervise agencies and institutions that own non-passenger vehicles, and manage the statewide fleet management information system.

Final Report

Executive Summary



Relevant Legislation:

  • S.L. 2013-360, Section 7.16. (a) and (d): Directed the Office of the State Chief Information Officer (CIO) to develop an implementation plan for establishing a statewide motor fleet management system and to study the feasibility of implementing a tracking system for state vehicles.

Agency Actions:

  • Vehicle inventory management. DOA expanded Motor Fleet Management’s fleet management information system to incorporate vehicle ownership information for vehicles owned by executive cabinet agencies; established procedures to ensure that license plates and vehicle titles are removed from DMV systems when a state-owned vehicle is sold or disposed; established a standard naming convention for registering vehicles with DMV; and maintains title and registration for all cabinet agency vehicles.
  • Motor Pool utilization. DOA reduced the number of vehicles in the Motor Pool by 30 vehicles to increase usage of temporary fleet. It retained 15 vehicles for use in emergency operations for Emergency Management in a disaster situation.
  • Passenger vehicle ownership. DOA has reviewed the passenger vehicles owned by state agencies and institutions identified by the Program Evaluation Division and is determining whether these vehicles should be transferred to Motor Fleet Management as required by state law.