Opportunities Exist to Improve the Efficiency of the State’s Administrative Services (April 2018)

The Department of Administration (DOA) acts as the business manager for North Carolina state government and provides internal services and programs for state departments. The Program Evaluation Division identified opportunities to improve operational efficiencies in six DOA divisions. These efficiency opportunities include transitioning employees from state-owned properties to leased properties; ensuring compliance with space standards for each state-owned and leased office facility; increased use of contracted services to perform facility management activities; enhanced monitoring and compliance with state term contracts; increased use of competitive bidding for contracted services; effective use of information from telematics; electronic scanning of incoming mail; increased use of electronic communications; increased utilization of the State’s presort mail contract; and leasing underutilized parking spaces. Additional operational efficiencies can be achieved through the establishment of legislative performance measures for these divisions. The General Assembly should require that business case analyses be performed and statutes be amended to include legislative performance measures. In addition, the Department of Administration should be directed to establish a dedicated Project Management Office.

Final Report

Executive Summary

Presentation to Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on General Government

Presentation to Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee


Relevant Legislation:

  • House Bill 1042/Senate Bill 759 (2017–18): An act recommending improved efficiencies of the State’s administrative services, as recommended by the Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee. This legislation was not enacted.

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