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COVID-19 Resources

As we grapple each day with the coronavirus pandemic, information has become our most effective weapon. To that end, we’ve developed a page of state and federal COVID-19 resources. You can access the page here:

The times, they are a-changin’

If you thought, upon visiting the library website, “Well, that looks different”–you’re right! We haven’t just updated the site; we’ve overhauled it, adding lots more of the historical and research content you’ve always relied on . . . plus a little bit of fun.

The site will continue to change over the coming months, so check back often. And call the library at 919-733-9390 if you need assistance!

New Library Guide – How to Locate Audio!

Curious about what NCGA audio is available? Find the new How to Locate Audio guide plus links to our other guides at the Library’s new Guides & Training page.

If you have questions about how to locate legislative information… please don’t hesitate to come by, email us or give us a call at 919-733-9390. We’re here to help!

2019 Crossover List!

The 2019 Crossover List is now available. It’s the list of bills that made the May 9, 2019 Crossover deadline. This is the date by which most bills must pass from one chamber to the other chamber to be eligible for consideration for the remainder of the regular session.

Any questions about Crossover? Please don’t hesitate to come by, email or give us a call at 733-9390. We’re here to help you!