Classroom Training


Note: Classes are available for NCGA members and legislative staff only. Staff should go to the NCGA intranet to sign up for classes.

Class Descriptions

Statutes & Session Laws: Finding Your Way Through the Maze
Learn how to search for General Statutes and Session Laws using the NCGA webpage and printed indexes. See how these important resources relate as part of the legislative process.

Google News Alerts
Have you ever needed to keep track of the latest news articles on your Senator or Representative, a developing story or maybe just a topic of interest? Google News is able to deliver this information right to your email account for free.

NCGA Website
This class provides an overview of the NCGA website. You’ll learn how to locate bills, statutes and session laws; where to find committee information, legislative calendars, redistricting info and more. There’ll be time at the end for specific “Where do I find…?” questions.

Need Help Finding Bills?
This hands-on training class will introduce you to the basics of the bill inquiry feature on the NCGA web site.

Legislative Library Web Page
Learn about the wealth of information available on the Legislative Library web page including historical resources and legislative statistics.