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Looking for committee minutes? Need information about prior legislators? Have questions about bills, votes, statutes, session laws, vetoes, or the legislative process? Want a quiet getaway with a fabulous view of downtown Raleigh? The North Carolina Legislative Library offers this and more!

Our mission is to meet the research and information needs of General Assembly members, their staffs, and legislative committees. We are also a resource for other state agencies and the public. Our website is chock-full of publications, tutorials, and historical collections.

For general information or research assistance, call us at 919-733-9390 or email us at library@ncleg.gov.
To obtain audio files of a recent committee meeting, email us at audio@ncleg.gov. We provide audio on CDs only. The cost is $1.25 if you pick up the CD, $3.00 if we mail it to you. Note: it may take 3-5 days after the meeting for audio files to be available.

Library News

  • Gas Prices: Is It Gouging? Or Just the Way Things Are?
    In North Carolina this morning, the state average for gas was $3.92 a gallon, according to WBTV. That’s up 4 cents in the last 24 hours and up 71 cents from one […]
  • COVID-19 Recovery Act
    At our library, we have gotten several questions lately about the issue of hospitals or nursing homes telling people they are not liable for injuries or deaths that occur related to the […]
  • Legislative reports on NCGA website
    What is our library asked for the most? Good question.  Statuses of bills, certainly. Committee minutes, without a doubt. Candy? Well, Easter is coming up. And reports. We generally have two types: those by the […]

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