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Looking for committee minutes? Need information about legislators past or present? Have questions about bills, laws, votes, codes, sessions, vetoes, or amendments? Want a quiet getaway with a fabulous view of downtown Raleigh? The North Carolina Legislative Library offers this and more!

Our mission is to meet the research and information needs of General Assembly members, their staffs, and legislative committees. We are also a resource for other state agencies and the public. Our website is chock-full of publications, tutorials, and historical collections.

Call us at 919-733-9390 or send us an email.

Library News

  • COVID-19 Resources
    As we grapple each day with the coronavirus pandemic, information has become our most effective weapon. To that end, we’ve developed a page of state and federal COVID-19 resources. You can access […]
  • The times, they are a-changin’
    If you thought, upon visiting the library website, “Well, that looks different”–you’re right! We haven’t just updated the site; we’ve overhauled it, adding lots more of the historical and research content you’ve […]
  • New Library Guide – How to Locate Audio!
    Curious about what NCGA audio is available? Find the new How to Locate Audio guide plus links to our other guides at the Library’s new Guides & Training page. If you have […]