How to get a driver license if you’re 18 or over

Recently, the NC General Assembly passed SL 2020-30, which waives the road test requirement for people age 16 or 17 to get a level two limited driver license.

What about those who are 18 or over?

Starting July 23, NC DMV will have the following rules:

  • Drivers who currently hold a Level I permit, have turned 18 years old and meet all requirements to obtain the Level II Limited Provisional License, including no motor vehicle moving violation convictions, seat belt infractions or unlawful use of a mobile phone.
  • Drivers who have received training and passed a driving course from a DMV certified North Carolina driving school within the previous 12 months and have not been convicted of a motor vehicle moving violation, seat belt infraction or unlawful use of a mobile phone.
  • Drivers who previously held an NC driver’s license, and the license has not been expired more than one renewal cycle and was in good standing at the time of expiration.
    • Drivers 18 years old and less than 66 years old –not expired more than 8 years.
    • Drivers 66 years or older – not expired more than 5 years.
  • Drivers from another state, district or territory that has reciprocity with North Carolina. Drivers must provide their most recent license held and a certified 5-year driving record from that jurisdiction. License cannot be expired more than 5 years and must have been in good standing at the time of expiration.

Road test requirements for these drivers will be suspended and the driver will be issued a driver license with the appropriate expiration. Unlike the Level II waiver, these drivers will not be required to return later to take a road test. There may be very limited circumstances outside of those outlined above where DMV may be able to waive a road test.

The new rules take effect July 23, 2020. All DMV services will continue to be by appointment only. You can make an appointment here.

Questions? Contact the NC DMV here.

Recently, we wrote about the issue of wearing masks while also carrying a concealed weapon in North Carolina. We said that

“Section 4.3 of S.L. 2020-3 allows masks worn ‘for the purpose of ensuring the physical health or safety of the wearer or others.’ This exception expires on August 1, 2020, unless the General Assembly extends it.”

This exception has now been extended by S.L. 2020-93. Thus, until a new law is passed, you can wear a mask for health purposes and carry a concealed weapon (unless you are also committing acts prohibited by G.S. 14-12.13).