North Carolina
House Chamber renovated.

The makeover included installation of wood paneling behind the Speaker’s dais and addition of electric outlets and data ports at all members’ desks.

Construction began in 1979 and the Legislative Office Building opened in 1982.

Committee rooms underwent asbestos abatement and complete renovation.  They received new carpet and furniture and were rewired to accommodate an audio feed,  so the public can listen in to committee meetings.

Snack vending room opened –  for fueling up and recharging during those long legislative days.  Sine Dine was named via NCGA staff naming contest.

The chamber remodel included new cherry desks, red carpet with 50 gold stars, permanent benches along the wall for staff members and a new Senate seal.

Created by artists James and John Biggers from Gastonia, this 1994 mural reads like an unfolded map of North Carolina.

Inside the quilt-like design are the topography, industry and symbols of the state from the mountains to the coast.  The lower register depicts children playing with toy models.  Each toy refers to a particular aspect of North Carolina’s history and culture.

Formal ground breaking  at the Legislative Building site was on December 28, 1960 and construction began about 2 weeks later.

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