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The North Carolina Legislative Building was the first to be devoted exclusively to legislative activities. Designed by famed architect Edward Durrell Stone in partnership with Holloway & Reeves of Raleigh, the edifice opened in 1963. The 126th General Assembly held its inaugural session in the new building on February 6, 1963.

Stone designed some of America’s most well-known structures, including Radio City Music Hall and Washington’s John F. Kennedy Center, and he incorporated features of these locations, such as brass fixtures and red carpets, into the Legislative Building. Over the years, the building has had necessary updates while devotedly maintaining its mid-century look and feel. That same union of progress and tradition characterizes North Carolina as a whole, making the Legislative Building a true “People’s House”!

On this website dedicated to the Legislative Building, you will find photos, documents, and other treasures from its history.

“Here then is a building which embodies consensus of the needs and the dreams and the potential of North Carolinians from the Atlantic to the Appalachians.”

The Honorable Terry Sanford
Governor of North Carolina, 1961-1965

Black and white photo of the NC legislative building circa 1960s
North Carolina Legislative Building

The State Legislative Building Commission

Thomas J. White, Chairman, Kinston

Robert F. Morgan Vice Chairman, Shelby

Frank B. Turner, Executive Secretary, Raleigh

Archie K. Davis, Winston-Salem
A.E. Finley, Raleigh
Edwin Gill, Laurinburg
Oliver R. Rowe, Charlotte
Byrd I. Satterfield, Timberlake

By the Numbers

General Statistics

Gross Area260,000 Square Feet
Gross Volume3,210,000 Cubic Feet
Heating Load7,194,000 BTU per Hour
Cooling Load7,440,000 BTU per Hour
Steam Capacity8,000 pounds per Hour
Cooling Capacity620 Tons
Connected Electrical
2,309,000 Watts

Materials Used for Construction

Concrete10,500 Cubic yards
Steel Reinforcement2,700,000 pounds
Masonry Block145,000
Terrazzo192,000 Square Feet
Water Piping9,350 Linear Feet
Waste Piping5,160 Linear Feet
Roof Drainage Piping10,650 Linear Feet
Heating and Cooling Piping13,840 Linear Feet
Ductwork29,800 Linear Feet
Electrical Wires51.3 Miles
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