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Legislative Analysis Division

Jeffrey Hudson, Division Director

Summaries Publication

Annually, LAD publishes the Summaries of Substantive Ratified Legislation to provide members, staff and the general public with a brief synopsis of substantial law passed. Click here to access previous publications from years past. 

LAD Mission & Purpose

Pursuant to G.S.120-36.8, the Legislative Analysis Division (LAD) is a non-partisan office that serves as professional staff to the members of House and Senate committees. LAD assists these committees with drafting, amending, and summarizing bills as well as answering information requests from legislators. Click here to learn more about us.


Legislative Library

As a subdivision of LAD, the Legislative Library supports the research and information needs of the General Assembly in serving partisan and non-partisan staff. The library can assist legislators and the public with information on the status of legislation from the current and past sessions.




Staff Directory