The Drafting Process

Legislative Drafting Division: A legislator with an idea for legislation should contact the Legislative Drafting Division.  The member can do that via email to the drafter who handles that subject area by clicking here. The legislator can also call or visit the Division and our administrative staff will refer the legislator to the drafter who specializes in the field affected by the requested draft. Drafting requests and bills drafted are confidential until the sponsoring legislator releases them.

To review how the drafter works with the legislator, click here. To learn how to view the status of bills, click here.

Legislative Analysis Division: The Legislative Analysis Division also provides initial drafting of bills for matters within the expertise of individual staff members. The legislator should contact the Director of the Legislative Analysis Division, Jeff Hudson, in Room 545 of the Legislative Office Building (Phone: 919-733-2578). Research and drafting requests made to Legislative Analysis Division personnel are kept confidential under the provisions of the law on confidentiality of legislative communications.

Next Step: Preparation of the Bill