The General Assembly finds that the scope, cost, complexity, and effectiveness of state and local government operations requires continual review and evaluation. Legislative examination and review of public policies and expenditures are an integral part of legislative duties and responsibilities. The General Assembly created the Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations (Gov Ops) to provide oversight for state and local agencies, programs, and institutions.

Gov Ops strengthens governmental accountability by ensuring that governmental institutions operate efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with the law. Members and staff track mandatory governmental reports and evaluate topics of concern to make certain that state government entities comply with the law and serve North Carolinians in a fiscally responsible and effective manner. 


Phil Berger was first elected to the State Senate in 2000. His colleagues elected him minority leader in 2004, and President Pro Tempore in 2010 after Republicans won a Senate majority for the first time since the 19th Century. He is the first Republican leader of the North Carolina Senate in more than 100 years. 


First elected to the General Assembly in 2002, Speaker Tim Moore is currently serving his fourth term as the presiding officer of the North Carolina House of Representatives.  Speaker Moore represents Cleveland County, and is the longest serving Republican House Speaker in North Carolina history.


The House has one seat to fill due to the death of Rep. Bumgardner.

Ex Officios

Commission Staff

Senate Majority Staff

Olivia Chen
Strategic Analyst

Andrew Hatch

Haley Phillips
Governmental Operations Evaluator

Sam Potter
Governmental Operations Evaluator

Senate Minority Staff

Will Futrell
Senate Minority Staff Director

Caleb Shuda
Program Evaluator

House Majority Staff

Joe Coletti
House Majority Staff Director

Darryl Black
Senior Auditor

Sumit Gupta
Senior Counsel and Deputy Director

Wesley Gwinn
Senior Investigative Analyst

Mary Moorefield
Communications Specialist

House Minority Staff

Donald Haley
Director, Legislative Counsel

Omar Pérez-Pulido
Chief of Operations